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Telescope Help Class

Getting your first telescope or needing help jumping into astronomy can be cumbersome at times. From various equipment, to understanding the set up of your telescope and even considering your first telescope can be a lot. 

Throughout the year Focus offers hands on Telescope Help classes. During these classes we cover the basic of telescopes, accessories and assist students with their equipment. Our team comes with decades of experience to help you get started. Several of our volunteers actually started out as students in our classes! 

Classes normally span about two to three hours. During the time together we cover many of the commonly asked questions as well as introduce you to a variety of accessories. We are all about hands on learning so we bring a wide range of eyepieces, filters and even telescopes to help demonstrate in our classes. The goal is when you leave you are ready to head out under the stars and start viewing! 

Class venues do vary so check back for upcoming classes. 

Class Registration:

See below for upcoming event dates and location. For questions on Telescope Class dates please email us at

2024 Class Dates: 

  • February 10, 2024

    • Earth & Space Expedition Center ​

    • Fee: $15 per person 

    • 1pm to 4pm (daytime class)


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