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Earth & Space Expedition Center Events

The Earth and Space Expedition Center is one of our regularly scheduled public event venues. Located in north Phoenix the Center provides an easily accessible location for public stargazings as well as other events. Throughout the year Focus hosts several public stargazing nights which are open to people of all ages. 

During the evening multiple telescopes are made available for viewing. Inside the museum you can check out their various displays on space exploration, missions, planetarium and much more. 

Tickets: (all ticket sales go to supporting the center)

  • Adults: $10

  • Senior/Military: $9

  • Children: $8

  • Children under 5 or Paradise Valley student: Free

See below for upcoming event dates and location. For questions on Earth and Space event dates please email us at

Earth and Space Expedition Center

17835 N 44th St

Phoenix, AZ 85032

2024 Event Dates: 

  • TBD

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