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Corporate & Private Events

Astronomy is not something that normally comes to mind when you think of event entertainment, but we can assure you it certainly makes a splash! 

Blending stargazing with your next event is certainly a way to make your event out of this world (pun intended!). Corporate events, wedding, parties, etc... are all events we have done and continue to do here in the Arizona desert. The lovely night skies and weather make for a perfect night sky landscape. Adding telescopes to your event will certainly make a lasting impact of guests for years to come. 

Focus offers a wide variety of offerings for private events, to learn about all our offerings please visit our "What We Do" page for full details. But lets just showcase what we can offer for your next event. 

Stargazing through research grade telescopes, hands on meteorite displays, live astrophotgraphy for showcasing real time images of galaxies, nebulae and more. Our offerings are second to none as we strive to make everything truly stellar. Our team also specializes in photography for low light situations so we can provide professional grades images for you to share with your guests. We also offer the largest mobile telescope in the Phoenix area (pictured on the left) which makes our viewing experience unlike anything else. 

If you are interested in details regarding our private events and scheduling please email us and we can get your events ready. Please note the we primarily focus on the Phoenix and surrounding areas. 

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