Attending Events

Public Attendees 


Focus Astronomy public events are opened to people of all ages. We encourage you to come explore the wonders of the universe with us. 


Most of our events take place at night and sometimes in remote locations. This allow us to have better views of the night sky and see more. However there are a few things we recommend bringing to make your time with us more comfortable. 


Food and Drink:

Bring food and drinks if you so  wish. Please throw away any trash once your are done. Most of our locations have a water fountain but bringing a water bottle is always a good idea. 


Warm Clothes:

Even in the summer months the nights can get cool. Winter events however can get quite cold. Please bring a jacket and warm clothes just in case.


Red Flashlight:

To help you navigate through the telescopes we recommend a red flashlight. This can be done by purchasing a red flashlight or putting red plastic over a regular flashlight. A red flash light will help you keep your night vision and allow you to see better at night.  



We do welcome chairs during our events. Please make sure they are out of main walk ways. We give regular talks during our events and sometimes sitting and just taking in the view is a great experience. 


Telescope Help:

Focus events are not the best location for telescope help. Our team is usually busy preparing for the event at hand. If you need assistance with your telescope we recommend contacting a local telescope dealer or arrive early to our events. 



If you would like to join our team and assist with your equipment at events please take note of the rules below. 


Focus events are geared entirely towards outreach. Our events can bring large groups of people sometimes up to 500 or more. Those willing to come out and share their equipment are much appreciated. 


If you would like to attend please email us at and let us know you would like to assist. 


Set Up:

All events have a set up window in order for astronomers to arrive and set up without issue. Once events start we do not want cars driving through crowds so please arrive during set up time. 


End Times:

Events have preset end times. Most of our locations are parks and the rangers request we wrap up at a set time. We mus respect these times. 


Step Stool and Lighting:

We recommend bringing a step stool to our events. This will help prevent people from pulling on your telescope. We also recommend using red bike lights on your tripod to mark any trip points around your telescope set up. 


Personal Observing:

All Focus events are outreach, we are not hear to observe for ourselves. If you would like to observe on your own we recommend looking into local dark sky locations. If at the end of an event we have time and crowds have dissipated you are free to view on your own.  

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