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A meteorite is left over material from the formation of our solar system nearly 4.5 billion years ago. These rare piece give us a glimpse into how our solar system came to be. Viewing celestial objects through a telescope is an amazing experience but being able to hold a piece of the universe is a whole other feeling. Here at Focus we combine telescope viewing with meteorites to make a truly out of this world experience. 

About our collection

Focus' meteorite collection is privately owned and acquired through reputable sources, this ensures all our samples are authentic. 

The collection is composed of over 50 samples ranging from meteorite finds from all over the world. We have looked for the samples that bring the best representation of each major meteorite type. The soul purpose of our collection is for education of students to the public. To date our samples see over 15,000 people a year during our events. 


Our goal is to bring the universe closer to everyone, that means more than just a view through a telescope but a chance to handle an actual piece of it! 

Below are images displaying our current collection. If you have any interest in starting your own or obtaining a piece of meteorite please email us at

Meteorite Display Cases


Our mobile meteorite display cases allows us to showcase and protect several rare meteorite samples. Each piece is mounted via rare earth magnets which allows us to remove, add and adjust the samples within. The case was custom made for our needs and features LED lighting in both white and red (for stargazing nights), under lighting for Pallasite samples and acrylic cover to ensure samples are protected. 

The display is built into two SKB rifle cases to ensure a rugged and durable display. If you are interested in your own display case please contact us at

Levitation Display


Over 95% of meteorites contain high levels of iron-nickel metals compared to rocks found on Earth. These metals make the samples attracted to magnets, espcially iron meteorites. Our largest meteorite display above uses

rare-Earth magnets to mount to samples to the case, however you are not able to see this.

To better display the attraction of magnets to meteorites we have built a Levitation Display shows suspends a iron meteorite sample in midair using nothing but magnetic attraction. This display is both interesting and artisitic. 

Levitation Displays can be custom made for interested parties. If you would like a Levitation Displau please email us for more information. Please note that Levitation Displays use high power rare-Earth magnets and should be used with caution.

Inside the Meteorites


Aside from the stunning visuals of a meteorite's internal matrix there is so much to be learned on a much smaller level. Being able to take a deep look into a meteorite can unlock the most important information for science. Many meteorite labs observe slices of meteorites under high power microscopes. This allows them to understand the chemical make up and advanced structers within them.


Focus has taken the next step at expanding our hands on meteorite display! To explore the internal world of meteorites we have two powerful Celestron digital microscopes that allow us to peer deep within our samples. One allows us to view a close up view of our larger pieces. The other high power microscope lets us peer in at a microscopic level. We have a rare micrscope slice of meteorite to really show the inner pieces of a meteorite. Our microscopes even allow you to photograph real images of meteorite samples! 

Below are the three main microscopes we use for our meteorite lab. These are amazing pieces of equipment for use in science classes all over. 

Celestron Digital Microscope Pro

Celestron Micro Fi WiFi Micrscope 

Celestron TetraView Microscope 

Recommended Meteorite Dealers

Purchasing a meteorite must be done carefully. There are a lot of fakes out there and we want to ensure you get the very best! To the right you will find our top dealers for purchasing meteorites. These are the meteorite dealers we work with regularly for our collection pieces. If you have any questions you can always email us at


Make sure you buy meteorites from a reputable source! This will ensure you get a top quality sample no matter the size. You want a true meteorite, not a meteor wrong!  


This image is a cross section of Allende meteorite

as seen through our TetraView Microscope. The high power microscope allows us to view the internal stone structures.


A close up image of one of our Gibeon meteorite slices using our Digital Microscope Pro. 

Collection Samples

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