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Educational Materials


Focus Astronomy is constantly looking for fun new acitivites to share during our programs. But we feel once we have found something we need to offer it onto others! Below is a collection of posters, hand outs and activities we offering during our events. We encourage you to do the same! As with all our offerings everything here is FREE. Clink the link to the PDF and download the file to use the materials found on this page. 


Solar System Scale Model


This activity is a full scale model of the solar system covering all eight major planets. The PDF to the left contains a packet that displays everything you need to use the model. Perfect for school and other educational groups. 

Hand Outs and Posters

Ultra Violet Bead Bracelets


Light is something all of us are familiar with. It gives us the ability to see all types of colors and details. However there are others types of light that our eyes cannot detect. This activity shows you how you can use special Ultra Violet (UV) beads to make bracelets that will detect when you are exposed to UV light. 


We recommend this acitivity for 3rd grade and up and the beads can be a choking hazzard. 

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