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About Kevin LeGore

Focus Astronomy began in 2011 in Phoenix, AZ as a small outreach program. Mainly providing events to a handful of local schools and public venues. In March of 2012 Focus relocated to Los Angeles, CA where the program quickly grew. Events for schools, large public venues as well as working with the National Park Service expanded our reach into the public eye. By the end of 2016 Focus had reached 15,000 annually. Now, Focus has relocated back to our home state of Arizona where our mission continues. The basis of this program is to educate and inspire others on the wonders and mysteries of the universe.  We find looking up is the best way to learn about ourselves and our world. 


Our programs bring advanced research level telescopes and photographic equipment to schools, public and educational groups all over the southwest and west coast. Our programs come to schools, educational groups, the public as well as private events.  We specialize in upper level education starting with middle schools and working up. These programs revolve around the science of astronomy and understanding complex subjects. We recommend those interested in our events to keep this in mind. 


We have a large amount of capabilities and are always looking for new and exciting additions to our programs. From safely viewing the sun, to handling real meteorites to gazing into the reaches of space. We can make your program a reality! Events can be customized to the groups requirements. 


Above all however our events are here to encourage two major topics: exploration and passion. We encourage everyone to ask questions, explore the world and universe and most of all your passions. 


We hope to see you at a program coming soon! 

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