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B 174

Astrophotography 303 is our most advanced class for astrophotography. In this course we image automation and remote imaging as well as advanced tips for high resolution imaging and processing. Below is a break down of the 303 class curriculum. 

  • High resolution cameras and large format cameras

  • Data Storage and best practices 

  • Remote and Automated imaging systems

  • Odd ball targets and mosaics

We are currently building the 303 class to encompass the rigorous demands on the advanced imager. Please check back for more details on the 303 class. 

Lessons are done in a group setting and run three hours (two 90 minute segments with a break). We try to limit these sessions to 30 people max in order to provide ample time for questions. Our classes feature in person equipment display as well for attendees to get up close with modern imaging equipment. 

 We have no current dates set for our 202 classes. For any questions please email us at

Astrophotography 303 Class

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