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Our Astrophotography 102 classes is the next step from our basic 101 class. In the 102 class we cover more advanced topics and start to get into the nitty gritty for imaging the night sky. In the 102 class we expect most attendees have already started basic photography of the night sky and have made investments into their equipment and knowledge for capturing images. Below is a list of what we cover in the Astrophotography 102 class:

  • Building an imaging system

    • Choosing a telescope

    • Pairing a camera 

    • Back focus 

  • Monochrome Vs. Color cameras ​

  • Understanding filters

  • Computer Control

  • Basic Imaging Processing: Stacking and Calibration Frames (Darks & Flats)

Lessons are done in a group setting and run three hours (two 90 minute segments with a break). We try to limit these sessions to 30 people max in order to provide ample time for questions. Our classes feature in person equipment display as well for attendees to get up close with modern imaging equipment. 

 We have no current dates set for our 102 classes. For any questions please email us at

Astrophotography 102 Class

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