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Astrophotography is the fastest growing branch of the astronomy hobby. From our outreach events we find many people are interested in getting started photographing the night sky. To address this we have developed our Astrophotography 101 Class. During this class we cover the basics of getting started photographing the night sky.

This class is covers the very basics and intended for those just getting their feet wet with imaging the night sky. For those with more experience and advanced needs please see our 102 and 103 Astrophotography Courses. 


Below is the bullet points of what we will cover during these lessons.

  • What is astrophotography?

  • How to do deep sky photography

  • Understanding cameras: Exposure, DSLR/Mirrorless and dedicated cameras

  • Understanding mounts: Alt-Az, EQ and star tracker mounts

  • Optics: Basics of optics for astrophotography

  • Milky Way Photography and Basic Deep Sky Photography 

Lessons are done in a group setting and run three hours (two 90 minute segments with a break). We try to limit these sessions to 30 people max in order to provide ample time for questions. Our classes feature in person equipment display as well for attendees to get up close with modern imaging equipment. 


Upcoming dates are listed below. For any questions please email us at

Astrophotography 101 Class

For those looking to get an overview or review out Astrophotography 101 class presentation please find a PDF version of our PowerPoint presentation. 

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