The Sun is the most dynamic object in the sky and can be a real treat to observe; especially when it comes to eclipses and other special solar events. Solar equipment can be a great way to expand your observing capabilities. 

When it comes to observing the Sun great caution needs to be put in place to prevent damage to your eyes as well we others. Specialized equipment is needed to observe our star safely for you and others. However, due to their nature and use solar filters can be expensive and there are many different types to choose from. In this special course we provide a hands on crash course into observing the Sun, how to be safe and the types of equipment you can use. 

During this special event we bring out a wide range of telescopes and filters to observing and image the Sun. You will be able to see the different between White Light, Hydrogen-alpha and Calcium filters. Understand the verity of filters and what they do, ultimately to help you choose which path is right for you. 

This is a perfect time to get a rare, up-close look at some of the most advanced filters available to the amateur astronomer. With solar eclipses occurring in 2023 and 2024 this is the perfect event to prepare for those special events. 

We are currently working on a date for fall 2022, please check back soon. For any questions please email us at focusastronomy@gmail.com

Solar Astronomy Class