Why Astrophotography?


Astrophotography is a growing interest in the field of astronomy for both amateur and professional work. The ability to document detailed images of celestial objects is tremendous for education and research studies. 

Focus has been working hard to put together a selection of imaging system that allow us to capture just about anything in the sky. From massive solar flares to distant galaxies, we can show you just how easy capturing your own images can be. 

Being able to use cameras can allow us to see the colors and details that are invisible to our eyes. Even some of the most obscure celestial objects are within reach of a simple camera. 


Our imaging systems allow us to image just about anything in the sky. We are proud to offer such a rich selection for our programs to allows you to ave the best experience possible. 

Our main imaging platform is the SkyX Pro from Software Bisque. This software allows complete control of our entire imaging system from the mount to the cameras. This makes its simplified and easy to everyone to work with. 

We would like to thank our imaging sponsors for allowing us to provide such a selection for our events. If you are in the market for imaging equipment please make sure to check out these fine companies. 




With out wide range of equipment we can provide almost any type of imaging need. We can work with each program to ensure an imaging system can best fit your programs requirements. 

Imaging Capabilities:

  • Visible Light 

  • Narrowband 

  • One shot color 

  • Lunar 

  • Visible Light Solar 

  • Narrowband Solar 

  • Visible Light Planetary 

  • Narrowband Planetary 

  • Satellite

  • Deep Sky DSLR 

  • Milky Way DSLR 

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